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Glenalv●on | lost no fewer than twenty-seven▓ s

ails. The most dismal day of the voyage ▓was the s

ft for the next watch●.There were, however, in the port ●watch, two apprentices, nearly out of their ti●me, who had won the enmity of the first mate. ▓ “What the devil are you hanging back fo▓r” he shouted, advancing upon them.▓“Lay aloft an

econd of Sep | tember.About seve●n bells of the mo

rning watch, the mate, fearing ●a blow, let go

d furl that royal!” The app●rentices mounted, muttering to themse●lves.Eight bells 498sounded before they we▓re halfway up the mast.Squirming● out on the yard, one hundred and s●ixty feet above the deck, they too●k in the slack of the sheet.▓ But